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Published by: Charles Juarez Jr on 25-Feb-24
A Recap of World profit'sĀ Latest Offerings


Celebrating Three Decades of Success: A Recap of Worldprofit's Latest Offerings

Good day, readers! This February marks a special milestone for Worldprofit - we are celebrating 30 years of making waves online. It's incredible to think that Worldprofit has been steering success since before owning a domain was commonplace. This is a testament to the dedication and vision that led to the creation of this platform.

I'm George Posh, the proud CEO of Worldprofit. My journey here began in the military, where I served as a pilot. That discipline and precision are what I now channel into the dynamic world of online business.

As we reflect on these 30 years, I want to recap some of our latest offerings that embrace innovation in affiliate marketing:

Revamped Bootcamp Curriculum

Our bootcamp lessons have been significantly updated to include common queries that previously went to our support team. Now you can benefit from every insider tip without contacting support.

I cannot stress enough the importance of lesson three. Spend a few weeks focusing on the videos in this section, which showcase effective promotion strategies refined over decades. As I always say:

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"Stay on lesson three for about three weeks, and do the video. Do the stuff in those videos that it's going to point you to."

The Vital Role of Email Marketing

Leads are the heartbeat of any online business. Take a moment to reflect on how you discovered your favorite programs and services. In most cases, it started with an email pitch.

Lesson three emphasizes list building and email marketing for good reason - it's the frequency on which online commerce operates. Whether you're promoting Worldprofit or your own affiliate offers, treat email as your secret weapon.

And when it comes to selecting a business email provider, Gmail leads the pack in terms of simplicity. Their interface is smoothest for core email functions.

Introducing: Emerald Traffic Booster

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Emerald Traffic Booster service on March 1st. This is a fully automated advertising system that delivers 500 guaranteed hits per day to your ads.

For just $47 per month, you'll benefit from:

  • Placement of your full page ad on our high-traffic login page

  • Weekly Ruby solo ad blasts to our exclusive traffic sources

  • Brand new lead generation system - opt-in leads delivered directly to your inbox

  • Permanent stats tracking and ad performance reporting

We are currently accepting sign-ups for the first 25 spots in this limited pre-launch phase. This is your chance to unlock the potential of hands-free advertising for a special introductory price.

"Unlock the Power of No-Hassle Advertising: Try the Emerald Traffic Booster."

Addressing Your Queries

I want to briefly address some common questions about this new service:

  • The 500 daily hits come from English-speaking traffic sources that we pay top dollar for. You can rest assured of the quality.

  • The system is 100% automated on your end. Simply create your ad and we take care of the rest, including full tracking and reporting.

  • Both free and paid members can purchase this service. It's an accessible entry point for all experience levels.

A Note for New Members

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If you recently joined us at the Silver or Platinum level, click the "Start Here" button to begin your journey. Getting familiar with our member dashboard, setting your commission rates, and leveraging our support system are great first steps.

And for all members new and old, remember to check the Daily Newsletter so you never miss important updates. We aim to provide complete, holistic guidance, so you can focus on results rather than getting lost.


We are committed to embracing change in this dynamic industry. The Emerald Traffic Booster steps boldly into that vision by providing a done-for-you paid advertising solution.

As always, our team is here for you every step of the way. If there are ever bumps in the road, we're ready with a helping hand and a can-do spirit of service. Please join me in celebrating a monumental 30 years - here's to many more decades of online success together!

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